Thursday, 16 August 2018

Day 2 - wow it's warm and we walked 8 miles!!

Lovely day.....we went to western part of Prague today to visit the palace and castle ( as I said yesterday, the ladies dragged me through the beautiful lanes, disappearing into the many little shops when I wasn't looking). It was a hot one though, I was saved by a local hostelry that served up some golden nectar at £1.05 for 0.5 litre.

Have to say, the city is very clean, people friendly and very easy to get around. Great meal out (with a further beer to help the discussion as to whether the ladies should buy 3 ex-Soviet Union military fluffy hats that look like the cat on Specsavers advert.)

After a hearty breakfast tomorrow, we're off to Wencesleceslacesaselas square, yes I know, that beer went down very well!๐Ÿ‘Œ. Having lunch by the river maybe whilst planning the Berlin transfer on Saturday....

Great architecture here, overheard Art By Three chatting as to what to paint first......

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Day 1: Escape To Prague

Evening all, Triplet Dad here. I promised that I would write this blog (with help from the girls, of course...).
Well, we arrived safely in beautiful Prague and have spent the afternoon in the 'old town' of the city. Amazing place, absolutely full of Italians, we understand this is one of their favourite short holiday breaks. Enjoyed a river cruise together.
 As we were up at 04:00, thanks to dear Linda (mother in law) who made us urgent teas and coffees, we are now shattered!!
Lots of plans for tomorrow (well shall we say lots of opinions๐Ÿ™€), but as usual we'll agree on a 'proportional representation' method, which means I don't get a look in....

We visited some great shops which exhibited many fine paintings (prints but box canvass) of the city. We hope to make contact with the artist at some point once we can identify her/him!!

Here is a pic of them on Charles Bridge...they didn’t know I took this one!

Monday, 13 August 2018

Countdown....all packed and ready to go....

Hi all.  Just an update.  We have packed the cat and she is being shipped away some 6 doors from home to her/our grandparents. She has had holidays there before, but not for this long.

Mum has had "kittens" (so she says) about packing up stuff that we aren't taking to Italy with us, whilst Dad has been quite happy keeping up to date with the cricket and pretending to cut back the garden and clean the windows.

So, we're off to Prague and Berlin this Wednesday, the first stage. Then we have to return for just a few days to make sure our tenants are well and truly settled in. We really didn't realise just how much stuff a family has when putting it all together.!!

We're trying to complete our many commissions before we head off to Italy on the 4th is a #wip of one!

Thursday, 19 July 2018

48 Days to Departure

Yesterday was Mums last day at work for a year! ๐Ÿ˜
She is not sure how she feels at the moment as its all a bit stressful here at the moment with preparations.

It is all starting to seem real now with boxes everywhere ready to be packed or piled up for storage in our art studio...once we vacate!

 Eurotunnel is booked for 4th September but our tenants are moving in towards the end of August so we have to be packed and ready by then. We will be moving in with our grandparents until we leave so we are slowly taking things to their house too.

We also have a trip to Prague and Berlin planned mid August so lots to do!

On top of all that we are trying to finish the art we have on the go and we have one more commission to do aswell.

If anybody would like a pet portrait etc done we will still be taking commissions. We will do them in Italy and as we will be back in the UK for a week in October we can send it on to you then. If you need something done before that though best get in touch now! 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Sorry its been a while but we didn't want to reveal our news until we knew for sure it was going to happen!

And it is now all confirmed and we're off !  

We decided on the name of the blog to be "Triplet Escape Artists!"  

Our Dad has gone through our plans in fine detail ( so he says.... ) and he has agreed on our name, because a) we are triplets, b) we are artists, and, c) what a chance for an escape to our favourite place, Italy !

Our parents have rented our house out for a year and we are heading off to Italy (and other countries) to travel around and paint all the beautiful places there are to see.

If you like, a sort of a Grand Tour for Artists !  We want to focus on landscapes, seascapes and architecture, but we want to try some different ideas such as "moment in time" pieces, you know, where you capture the feeling and mood of a relaxed market square on a warm day, under the shade of a huge tree.  (Dad calls it an English plane - whatever).

Needless to say this is a big undertaking for us as a family as we are starting to have to pack up our house and move the essentials, a lot of which is our art equipment, over to Italy.

We will use our Grandad's apartment in the mountains above Lake Garda as a base and travel from there, renting places around Italy, building up a big enough portfolio to publicly exhibit on our return.

That's the plan anyway and we would really love it if as many could follow us on our travels as possible. 

We are going to get Dad to help write our daily Blog as we will be busy doing the art. Mum will continue helping with uploading art to all our shops etc so you can see what we are doing.

Its all still in a bit of a planning stage at the moment but we are planning to settle in September and catch up on our Italian, before heading off to Tuscany in October.  We'll be staying in places around Lucca, Grossetto and then Florence/Siena over a three-week journey, so any recommendations of places to visit etc please let us know. 

More updates soon!!


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Welcome To Our New Blog!

We are Rachel, Rebekah & Sarah White also known as
 Art By Three

This is a new experience for us but we hope you will follow us as
now we have finished college, we hope to be doing some pretty exciting stuff and this is where you can read all about our travels and experiences.

More on our plans soon. In the mean time please check out our links where you can
 take a look at our art, buy one of our cards and more.

You can even take a look at us painting on Sky Landscape Artist of The Year below!

We look forward to sharing our art and experiences with you.